3TTO Fun With Numbers

Maybe fun is not the right word, though. I was finally able to query some TTO data to see how much it has affected the Braves. And here is what I found.

Before Saturday's game against the Marlins, the Braves' starters have pitched to at least one hitter three times in 120 occasions; and in 3 times - the starter has gone <b>4</b>TTO. Thankfully, in those instances, there has been no harm. So I'm ignoring those times for this particular post.


  • Out of those 120 instances, 15 (12.5%) were "shutouts". This means the starter left the game with zero runs given up the whole game.
  • Twenty six times (21.67%), the pitcher gave up multiple runs in his third time through the order.
  • Other 15 times (again, 12.5%) the starter gave up as many runs his third time through than in the first 2 combined.
  • And in 29 occasions (24.17%), the starter gave up half - or more - as much runs in this third time through than in his first 2 combined. Meaning that, for example, if he gave up 6 runs in his first 2 times, he gave up at least 3 in his third go-around.

Curiously (or maybe ragefully), most of the times a starter has not pitched to at least one guy 3 times is when the game was a blowout or part of a doubleheader.

I'm not making any particular conclusions out of this, I'll let smarter people come up with conclusions of what this might really mean. I still have the data saved, so if there's any other data around these numbers that you might want, let me know and I'll post it.

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