What's your top 30?

Ok, now that I've been able to watch more guys throughout the year, I have a better understanding of where I want to place guys. Now, the 2021 draft class is hard to gauge this early, so I want to caution where I put some of the guys. I added more than I wanted but only because some of prep players from 2019 disappointed like Paolini, while others we just haven't seen like Morton and Backstrom.

Honorable mentions:

Munoz twins (Rolddy and Roddery) - Lively arms, but very raw still

Prep players from 2019 & 2021 class - Jared Johnson, Kadon Morton, Stephen Paolini, Mahki Backstrom and Tyler Collins.

Justin Dean - I have a hard time placing players that have +/++ speed as their ownly carrying tool. Even more so when Dean carries a 32% K-rate. He's also 24 years old in AA with fringey numbers.

International players - Hard to rank them when some of the bigger signings of the past couple of seasons haven't played or very limited like Carlos Paiva, Francisco Floyd, Cesari Moreno, Deivy Castro and Yoansy Moreno. Only one I did rank was Ambioris Tavarez mainly due to the signing bonus he got. At least moving forward we should start to see more international players ranked. They have 2 big signings lined up for 2021 class (#7 and #29 on BA), and hopefully 3 big signings if they land Bryan Acuña.

On to the top 30:

Kyle Muller - I just love the stuff and what he showed at the MLB level. Not a finished player at all, but keeps getting better

Michael Harris - He's been walking more. I really feel Harris is putting in a ton of work to make himself an all around player and I love it.

Shea Langeliers - I'd pick Langeliers over Contreras. Better defense, arm and power. I'd like more contact, but the defense and power will play at the MLB level for many years.

Drew Waters - As he's increased his BB-rate, his K-rate has also climbed. Maybe he's on the precipise of a big breakout, but he just hasn't delivered even with a crazy high BABIP. He's really frustrating in that matter. All world talent, but I need a big breakout.

Cristian Pache - Same as Waters.

Jared Shuster - probably too high, but I like the talent. He's been babied quite a bit since coming back from injury. The most shocking thing for me is the 35% ground ball rate. He's not the kind of guy that'll have long term success with a high fly-ball rate.

Tucker Davidson - Showed real flashes before going to the IL. I'll keep him steady for now.

Ryan Cusik - While I thought the Braves should go prep player after the guys I wanted were gone, I am warming up to Cusik.

Spencer Strider - What can you say about this guy? Steal of the 2020 draft?

Freddy Tarnok - uptick in FB velo and has been carrying it into later innings. Breaker and change are probably better than average, so that's 3 better than avg pitches.

Vaughn Grissom - He's been real good. I only want to see more XBH.

Victor Vodnik - Change-up might be a 55FV right now and flashes +. Still needs to improve the breaker.

Braden Shewmake - I weep at passing on Daniel Espino who has a 110 K's in 65.2 IN.

Jesse Franklin - Gotta say, I like the swing more than I thought I would.

Spencer Schwallenbach - I hated this pick and even more knowing he'll be out a year and will be 23 years old when he pitches again while still being new to pitching.

Joey Estes - Tons of swing and miss off the fastball. Having a terrific year, but I do want to see more development of the secondaries before I go higher. There's a lot of pitchers that feast in lower minors with just a good fastball.

Bryce Elder - How many teams can say they drafted a college pitcher with a plus slider in the 5th round? If Elder had a more lively fastball, he'd have gone much higher. Have Muller give Driveline's contact info and have him build up that strenght. I want to imagine Elder with that breaker and a 93-95 mph singking fastball instead of a 89-92 mph fastball.

Ambioris Tavarez - Real international talent again! Yass!

Jasseel De La Cruz - I haz a sad for JDLC this year.

Darius Vines - Plus change-up. He'll be the new Josh Tomlin soon and likely better.

Luke Waddell - avg tools like Trey Harris, but I like him more. Wanted him last year too. I fully expect him to move fast. If he doesn't, he won't stay a prospect for long.

Trey Harris - Down year, but still like the bat enough to think he could play a role off the bench at the MLB level someday. I know he's 25 and hasn't reached AAA. The Braves clearly don't think much of him or he'd have been at the alt site last year, but I still like the bat. Could be completely off my list by 2022 mid season. I'm pulling for him though.

AJ Smith-Shawver -

Cal Conley

Tyler Owens - .417 BABIP and 9 unearned runs given up. 4.00 xFIP vs 7.00 ERA. Not as bad as his numbers look.

Dylan Dodd

Adam Shoemaker -

Tanner Gordon - I had to get an IU guy on here.

Alan Rangel - Throws harder than I would have thought in the mid 90's (thought he was a soft tossing pitchability guy). Feels like he's been around for a decade, but he's just 23 years old having success in AA. I really need to watch him more, but he deserves to be ranked for now.

Indigo Diaz - I still don't know how this guy is doing it, but I can't keep a guy off a list putting up video game numbers.

So what's your top 10, 15, 30, 100?

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