Rule 5 draft protections

Here is a list of Rule 5 first timers:


Drew Waters,OF.

Nolan Kingham,RHP. AA 55 innings 2.29 ERA. AAA 24.1 innings 9.99 ERA


CJ Alexander,IF. .167 AVG, lots of strikeouts (94), 10 HR, 19 BB

Trey Harris,OF. K's are down this year but also his hits. .234 AVG. Not a high OBP(.311) or OPS(.648)

Justin Dean,OF. Many K's 111k's in 285AB's NOT GOOD. Not much power but 23 SB. OBP(.348) OPS(.706)

Greyson Jenista, OF. .204 AVG. 98K's in 216AB's. Many BB. 13HR. OBP(.346) OPS(.767)

Freddy Tarnok,RHP. So far very good at AA, 4 starts 2.02 ERA in 21 innings.BB are down K's are up

Brooks Wilson, RHP. 1.82ERA in 34.2 innings. 55K's and 17BB. All in relief.

Daysbel Hernández,RHP. 3.12ERA in AA (26 innings). 9.64ERA in AAA (4.2 innings). BB and K's are on par with 2019 in High-A but hits are up. All in relief.

Jake Higginbotham,LHP. 1 game in relief, 2 innings, 3K's, no BB


Logan Brown,C..209AVG. High Ks, Low OBP and OPS

Mitch Stallings,LHP. 7.24ERA between A and AA

Trey Riley,RHP. 3.14ERA in 28.2 innings of relief. Big reduction of BB this year.

Tanner Lawson,LHP. 8.44ERA in 5.1 innings

Rookie/Instructional league

William Woods,RHP. No stats that I can find.


Drew Waters is a lock to be added in my eyes.

Kingham looks to be in.

Alexander out.

I would say 1 maybe 2 of the AA OF's gets added.

Hernandez and Tarnok I would say have good chances.

I like Wilson so I would add him.

Higginbotham has not played enough so I think he is off.

The only guy lower than AA I would add is Trey Riley.

My thought is 7 or 8 of these guys gets added.

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