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No rest, no quarter for relentless Braves lineup in Washington finale

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Control+C, Control+V

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your lineups for today’s series finale between the Braves and Nationals in Washington:

Same ol’ same ol’ for the Braves, of whom only Dansby Swanson has ever faced Austin Voth (he flew out last year). This will be the 16th time the Braves have used this lineup, by far the most out of any arrangement thus far (the next-closest has only been used eight times).

The Nationals change things up a bit, starting Howie Kendrick at second base and Gerardo Parra in center field. While both guys have started at those positions a few times this season, they’ve never done so in the same defensive arrangement. Despite playing more first base this season, Kendrick’s defensive metrics don’t indicate an inability to man the keystone so far; Parra has generally been stretched in center over the course of his career, but isn’t out of position there by any means.