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Braves News: The revenge of Acuña

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The young stud got his sweet revenge and a wall was harmed in the process.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Braves News

Ronald Acuña Jr. is literally breaking stuff by hitting the ball so hard

The Braves young outfield stud obliterated a baseball into the center field breezeway facade which actually cracked the concrete upon impact. The Braves went on to shutout the fish in a complete team effort paired with a fantastic start from Sean Newcomb.

Kevin Gausman is already improving by leaps and bounds with move to NL

When the Braves acquired Gausman there was speculation that he would see marginal improvement by moving to the NL, but thanks to some newfound pitch sequencing and life on his fastball Gausman has quickly become one of, if not the best, starting option Atlanta has.

Power shows all around the minor leagues

The Braves young bats in the minor leagues showed off some pop on Wednesday. Dustin Peterson headlined a group that continues to impress with their incredible depth and quality.

MLB News

Julio Franco celebrates his 60th birthday and ponders return to baseball?

It should come as a surprise to no one that Julio Franco still wants to play the game of baseball at the spry young age of 60, but lets be realistic here and say that no team in their right mind would offer him a contract. Right? (I’m looking at you Mets)

Aroldis Chapman hits the DL

The premier closer in baseball was forced to hit the DL yesterday in the midst of a playoff race for the Yankees. This does indeed hurt, but it seems as though New York is going to have a hard time catching the Red Sox with or without Chapman.

What would players weekend jerseys look like in the past?

“The Great Bambino”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Kid”. What do you think the most awesome players weekend jersey would be from past seasons? For the Braves it most certainly would’ve been neat to see Henry Aaron wear “Hammerin Hank” on his back.