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Marcell Ozuna will play in the outfield for final game of Braves series against Orioles

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Hopefully there will be no adventures in the outfield tonight.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Tampa Bay Rays Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s lineups are out, so let’s take a look at them — starting with the Braves:

Keegan Akin is a left-hander, which means that Nick Markakis won’t be in the lineup. That also means that Marcell Ozuna will be staying in the lineup and playing left field. Ozuna is not a great defender by any stretch of the imagination, so they are clearly sacrificing defense in order to have as strong of a lineup as possible. Also, with Travis d’Arnaud moving to the DH spot, Tyler Flowers will be catching for Cole Hamels this evening.

Here’s the lineup for the Orioles:

Baltimore has switched up their lineup a little since last night’s game. Incidentally, old friend Rio Ruiz won’t be getting the start, this evening.