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Dansby drops to ninth, Flowers to catch Ynoa

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A slumping Dansby Swanson moving to the ninth spot headlines a series of lineup tweaks

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves’ lineup will see a bit of a shakeup Monday night against the Marlins, as Dansby Swanson will bat ninth.

Travis d’Arnaud, whose hot bat helped the Braves take the series from the Mets this weekend, will be deployed as a designated hitter and stay at cleanup. Marcell Ozuna and his special brand of Outfield Adventures will get to play left field.

As a whole, the Braves’ offense has been absurd at times this season, but not without a revolving slump that usually plagues at least one member of the lineup at a time. It is currently Dansby Swanson’s turn, as he is currently mired in a nine-game, 2-for-37 swoon. He will move down to the ninth spot in the lineup.

A few pieces of positive news for Dansby:

  • His average exit velocity during the slump (90.3 MPH) has been higher than was when he was still getting positive results (87.9 MPH)
  • His BABIP prior to the slump? .402. His BABIP during it? .054.
  • During the slump, his strikeout rate over that span (27.9%) is only marginally higher than it had been when the slump started (26%)
  • His pre-slump walk rate was 7.0%; it has been 9.3% during his swoon

For those of you who prioritize process over results, Dansby likely looks like he is going to be just fine.

Tyler Flowers will bat eighth and catch Huascar Ynoa.

The Marlins, meanwhile:

First pitch is slated for 7:10pm ET.