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The Daily Chop: Braves statement, MLB negotiations and more

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Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The negotiations between the MLB and MLBPA took a backseat on Tuesday as protests continued around the nation in the wake of George Floyd’s senseless murder. The Atlanta Braves joined in on Tuesday with a growing list of teams to release statements denouncing the racism that many black Americans face each and every day. Enough is enough and it is time for meaningful change. If you don’t read anything else today, read Demetrius Bell’s excellent article on the matter and follow his advice.

I encourage all of you who are reading this to talk to someone you know who thinks that this is all a bunch of nonsense and everybody’s getting worked up for no good reason. If that results in an awkward conversation, then that’s good. If that results in you having to make a tough choice to cut loose a friend who won’t cut loose their hatred, then that’s even better. The point is that it’s clear that most of society is ready to progress into a time where we don’t have to have protests and violence breaking out en masse because that would mean that unarmed black men wouldn’t be getting killed anymore. As the Braves and many others have said, “ENOUGH.

More Braves News

In the lead up to the 2020 MLB Draft, we have been taking a look at the depth of the Braves’ minor league system. That series continued Tuesday with a look at outfielders where Atlanta currently has two top prospects along with some other intriguing names.

Tuesday’s flashback traveled back to 2017 where a great performance by Mike Foltynewicz was spoiled in a walk-off loss to the Cincinnati Reds.

Mark Bowman continued his position-by-position look at the best Braves players of all-time on Tuesday with a look at the franchise’s best left-handed pitchers. There was an interesting debate for the top spot between Tom Glavine and Warren Spahn.

MLB Draft

ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel updated his list of the best 150 draft prospects.

MLB News

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich provided further details on MLB considering a 50-game scheduled for 2020. So far, the league is not planning to present the proposal to the Players Association. Instead the league’s thinking is that their March agreement may allow the commissioner’s office to unilaterally implement a schedule. Once again this all comes down to money as the players continue to push for the pro-rated salaries that they agreed to back in March. The owners seem ready to counter with a shortened schedule that would reduce those prorated salaries.

As bleak as that all sounds, ESPN’s Jesse Rogers thinks that there is a path where the owners and the players could find some middle ground and get a deal done.