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Markakis gets the day off against Matz and the Mets

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The Braves vet has struggled against left handed pitching this season.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Braves will do a little tinkering with their lineup today in an effort to get some rest for Nick Markakis. Johan Camargo will start in his place and Ozzie Albies will bat fifth.

It is also important to note that Tyler Flowers is behind the plate to catch Julio today as Brian McCann has garnered more than a couple of those starts this season.

New York is just looking for any signs of life. Their team is in a dark place right now and the Braves are the last club they want to be facing right now. Perhaps most Mets fans wish it were 1969 still.

Here is Mickey Callaway’s lineup:

Get ready for some daytime baseball on this lovely holiday weekend.