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Austin Riley returns as Braves stick with their usual lineup for final game against Cubs

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After getting a day off yesterday, Austin Riley is back in the lineup for the final game of their four-game tilt with the Cubs.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The lineups are out for today’s afternoon contest between the Braves and the Cubs. Let’s start with the Braves since it’s now common knowledge that they are very hesitant to make changes to their lineup on a day-to-day basis.

Sure enough, that’s your typical lineup for the 2019 Atlanta Braves. Austin Riley actually got a day off yesterday, but he’s back in there hitting at the sixth spot in the lineup. Meanwhile, Tyler Flowers has replaced Brian McCann at catcher. On most days, that’s the only change that we need to look out for.

Meanwhile, here’s what the Cubs will be looking like today:

If Wilson Contreras has been grating your nerves during this serie with his hitting, then you’ll be happy to know that he’s not in the lineup today. Victor Caratini is taking his spot. Additionally, Kyle Schwarber returns to the leadoff spot, Daniel Descalso is going to get the start at second, and Albert Almora Jr. will be starting the day on the bench as well.