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Ozzie Moves Up a Spot as Braves Trot Out the “Southpaw Smash” Lineup

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The Braves hope a few players can break out of a slump to get a needed win.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves will send out their usual starters to face Daniel Norris. The hope is that with a lefty on the mound, Atlanta will have a good offensive day to back Mike Soroka. Personally, I was hoping Nick Markakis could get another off day with Soroka on the mound, since the Braves have a good chance to win. With the off day Monday, perhaps tomorrow is when a few regulars will take a rest.

The Tigers will trot out a few new faces in their lineup. Miguel Cabrera is out of today’s lineup due to a health concern. No matter if some off these names are not widely known, a familiar rule will still apply today. If the Braves can silence the top of the order, they could take the upper hand early to get the win.