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Braves News: Tigers bring continued suffering for Atlanta

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Friday night was somehow almost as bad as Wednesday night.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


Braves embarrassed by lowly Tigers in 8-2 loss

This game was ugly for everyone with a tomahawk on their chest, with Mike Foltynewicz getting smacked around by a team that has barely outproduced the Marlins this season. The offense was bad, the defense was worse, and the pitching was embarrassing. Again.

Weird defense: UZR, DRS, and the 2019 Braves

Read about how various defensive metrics view the 2019 Atlanta Braves, who have been inconsistent defensively for much of the season, including Friday night. Ivan does great work as always, so give it a read.

That’s really the topic of this post, and it’s less a “finding” than an illustration of a quirk. In short: by UZR, the Braves are 21st in MLB in team defense. Not only that, but UZR considers the fielders to be net below average thus far, costing the team three runs relative to an average fielding squad. Yet, flip right over to DRS, and the Braves are well above average, at tenth in MLB. (In terms of wOBA-xwOBA gap, the Braves are a nondescript 14th in MLB, though what’s interesting here is that their raw gap is pretty close to 2018 — it’s just that lots of teams have made defensive and likely positioning strides between last year and this year.) So, what gives? Well, unfortunately, this question can’t really be answered without access to the granular UZR and DRS data, which I certainly don’t have.

An Interview with the top pitching prospect in the 2019 MLB Draft Daniel Espino

Resident draft expert Matt Powers interviews top draft prospect Daniel Espino, who is among the best right-handed pitchers available in the 2019 class.

Talking Chop: As a pitcher growing up you had to idolize and imitate other pitchers. From their mechanics, to their stuff, to their grips. Who sticks out the most as the pitcher you tried to model yourself after?

Daniel Espino: Since I was little I always liked watching, not only as a pitcher but also as a person, Mariano Rivera. He’s a Panamanian, what he did with the Yankees, the way that he carried himself on and off the field. Now I look up to Max Scherzer, how he competes. He wants it, he’s a competitor the way I see myself.


Bell records most May TBs since Mays in ‘58

Josh Bell has been on some kind of tear for the Pirates.

DJ, Hicks push Sox 8 1/2 games behind Yanks

Despite all their injuries, the Yankees keep on rolling.

Rumors: Stroman, Thor, Keuchel, Kimbrel

The Braves get a mention in connection with Kimbrel and Keuchel.