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New Braves stadium finally resembles a ballpark

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There's a long way to go, but construction of the new stadium is in full-swing.


We still have about 22 months (or so) to go before the Braves call SunTrust Park their new home, but that hasn't stopped construction crews from working around the clock.

Thanks to the webcam overlooking the construction site, here is a fresh look at the stadium:


A Braves banner now drapes from what appears to be an outfield concourse or seating area, which is a nice touch. (H/T to @ChopAttack for noticing that.)

This is what it looked like a month ago:


Lots of progress on the outside, and that doesn't even include the infrastructure work being done that we can't see. Granted there is still a long way to go, but it's fun to watch this thing continue to grow by the day. (TWSS)

The live stream of construction can be found here. Just think: this time in two years, the Braves will no longer be playing at Turner Field. That's really weird to think about.