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The Daily Chop: 2020 season negotiations remain in limbo

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Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Getting caught up on where things stand in negotiations between Major League Baseball and the Players Association isn’t hard because there hasn’t been a lot of movement by either side. The players intended to vote Sunday on MLB’s latest proposal to return for a 60-game regular season. However, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported that commissioner Rob Manfred sent a letter to union chief Tony Clark about the league’s position on the amount of games possible for a regular season given that MLB was just forced to close spring training facilities again. The earliest players could report to those facilities would be June 29.

The letter also offered to cancel expanded playoffs and the universal DH for 2021 if a full season can’t be played in 2020 according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

The scheduled vote didn’t take place though as Rosenthal reports that the players cut their meeting short after Clark received the letter from Manfred. It is still unclear where that leaves things at this point.

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