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The Daily Chop: Rob Manfred’s legacy, Best broadcast crews and more

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2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There was no progress made on a resolution for the 2020 MLB season and time continues to tick away. Trying to understand how we went from Rob Manfred saying during the MLB Draft that there would absolutely be a 2020 season to his remarks on Monday about not being confident a season will happen continue to astound.

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal summed up the situation saying that the players correctly called the owners’ bluff when they told the league to go ahead and implement a season. As it turns out, if the league implements a short season now, then they would face a potential billion-dollar grievance from the union.

Manfred’s about face is trying to further pressure the union into accepting a deal that they don’t want or the league won’t start the season at all.

Manfred may be simply be carrying out ownership’s wishes but as Rosenthal wrote on Tuesday, he is risking his legacy as commissioner in the process.

The best commissioners offer statesmanlike presence and superior vision. Few ascribe those qualities to Manfred, and few would argue baseball is in a better place since he took over for Selig on Aug. 14, 2014. Rather than simply enjoy the fruits of the 2016 CBA, a lopsided victory for the owners, the clubs have gorged on them, alienating the players. And once again, they are valuing their own short-term interests over the long-term interests of the sport.

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The Athletic released the results of its survey that asked fans to rate their home team’s broadcast crew. The Braves came in at No. 15 on the list and received positive marks for bringing in Jeff Francoeur but got dinged for the departure of Kelsey Wingert.

Braves fans are still rankled by the decision to not bring back sideline reporter Kelsey Wingert. “She was clearly the best personality, booth included,” wrote one reader. “She knew her shit.” But the Braves apparently hit a home run when they added former outfielder Jeff Francoeur to the booth two years ago as an analyst. “Frenchy” is engaging and funny: “The addition of (Francoeur) to the booth has been awesome,” a reader noted. “I love his perspective … and pairing him with (Caray) has been awesome.” Caray gets polarizing reviews as a play-by-play man: Some fans like him (“he’s unfairly hated; he’s a good play-by-play guy”), and some just don’t (“he’s smug and annoying”).

Major League Baseball delayed the start of the new international signings period from July 2 until January 15.

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