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This Day in Braves History: Phillip Wellman’s tirade

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For those wondering, Phillip Wellman is now managing the Padres’ Double-A affiliate in Amarillo.

Midland RockHounds v Amarillo Sod Poodles Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

We continue to take a day-by-day look back at the major events in history of the Braves. As always, we would like to thank Baseball-Reference and NationalPastime.comfor providing the background information for these articles.

This Day in Braves History: June 1

1917 - Boston Braves catcher Hank Gowdy becomes the first major league player to enlist in World War I. Gowdy would also serve in World War II.

1961 - We have two different accounts of a play involving the Braves’ Joe Torre and Pittsburgh legend Roberto Clemente who gunned him down on the bases to end a rally. First, here is Torre’s account of the play:

“I got a hit to right field and rounded first base as most runners do. Clemente picked up the ball, faked a throw to second and threw it so fast behind me to first base I was caught and tagged out. It was my most embarrassing moment on the field.”

Here is Pirates beat writer Les Biederman’s account:

“The only time the Braves had a chance to score on Harvey Haddix after the 1st inning came in the 6th inning when Torre singled to right with Frank Thomas on second. Torre rounded first and Dick Stuart cut off Clemente’s throw home and politely tagged out Torre. Then Clemente completed the inning by going to the 375-foot mark and spearing Joe Adcock’s long shot.”

2007 - This could be one of the first viral videos that I remember circulating on the internet. Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman unleashed an epic tirade on umpires in a game against the Chattanooga Lookouts. No words can describe this accurately.