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MLB tells teams to find workout site for taxi squads, per report

Another sign that baseball’s return could be on the horizon.

Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Baseball America’s JJ Cooper reports that Major League Baseball has informed teams to find a workout location for taxi squads in preparation of the 2020 season. These sites are to be within 100 miles of each team’s home ballpark.

These squads would provide the major league club with crucial depth of players who are ready to come up and play without needing to ramp up in the instance of an injury. This would also allow the taxi squads to take additional precautions against the pandemic prior to potentially joining the major league squad.

Taxi squads would additionally serve as somewhat of a substitute for a minor league season, which still hasn’t been officially cancelled, but is exceedingly likely not to occur. Prospects such as Cristian Pache, Drew Waters, and Ian Anderson would likely be a part of this squad, as well as many other prospects from double-A and triple-A.

Cooper makes it clear that this does not mean that a deal has been agreed upon for a 2020 season, but this comes shortly after the draft where the commissioner guaranteed that there would be a 2020 MLB season played. Obviously this step is further evidence of the confidence in the league that there will be a season. Hopefully this could also be an indicator that a deal is relatively close to coming together to make the season officially a reality.