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Florida Fire Frogs will play at Braves’ North Port facility in 2020

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Tampa Bay Rays v Atlanta Braves Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Florida Fire Frogs have a new home finally. The team which had been rendered homeless will play its home games for the 2020 season at the Atlanta Braves’ North Port facility according to a report by Baseball America’s JJ Cooper.

The move will only serve as a stop gap measure for the 2020 season. If the team returns in 2021 then so will it’s long-term issues of finding of a permanent home. While the Braves’ new facility meets all of the updated requirements to host a minor league franchise it is located within the territorial rights of Port Charlotte. The decision to allow the team to play at North Port for 2020 was approved as a necessary temporary measure.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the team long term. The Fire Frogs were on the list of 42 teams that Major League Baseball had recommended eliminating for 2021. The team played its 2019 season at Osceola County Stadium but per the report, its owners sold their rights to play at the stadium in order to help pay down debt.

Hopefully a long term solution can be found but for the moment, the Braves’ minor league picture is complete.