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Braves release the 2020 season schedule

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Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves
And Ronald Acuña, Jr couldn’t be more excited.
Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have released their regular season schedule for the 2020 season.

Whereas the 2019 season started with the Braves clashing against the division-rival Phillies, the 2020 season starts with a little less flair. The Braves’ season will begin on a road trip out west where they will match up against the Diamondback and Padres. Oddly, the Braves will play the Diamondbacks and Padres twice in March and April and thus be done with their season series against those teams before they’ve even played a game against the Phillies or Nationals. The 2020 schedule ends on an equally odd note with the Braves wrapping up the season in interleague play against the Astros.

Speaking of interleague play, the Braves will play against the Red Sox, Mariners, Rangers, Angels, A’s, and the aforementioned Astros in 2020.

A few interesting things of note about the schedule:

  • The Braves do not play against the Nationals until June 9.
  • Mike Trout and the Angels will be playing in Atlanta over the July 4th weekend. Get your tickets as soon as possible to see the greatest player in baseball play against Mike Trout. (Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but Acuña is on his way.)
  • June could be a pivotal month for the Braves, having to play the Dodgers, Phillies, and Nationals in two series each, as well as the Red Sox in one series.
  • Home and away games are pretty evenly distributed throughout the 2020 season. The Braves play 48 away games and 49 home games before the all-star break and 33 away games and 32 home games after the break.

Atlanta Braves 2020 Regular Season Schedule

Date Opponent Time TV Radio
Date Opponent Time TV Radio
Thursday, March 26 at Diamondbacks TBD
Friday, March 27 at Diamondbacks TBD
Saturday, March 28 at Diamondbacks TBD
Sunday, March 29 at Diamondbacks TBD
Monday, March 30 at Padres TBD
Tuesday, March 31 at Padres TBD
Wednesday, April 1 at Padres TBD
Thursday, April 23 Off Day
Friday, April 3 vs Marlins 7:20 PM
Saturday, April 4 vs Marlins 7:20 PM
Sunday, April 5 vs Marlins 1:20 PM
Monday, April 6 vs Padres 7:20 PM
Tuesday, April 7 vs Padres 7:20 PM
Wednesday, April 8 vs Padres 12:20 PM
Thursday, April 9 at Marlins TBD
Friday, April 10 at Marlins TBD
Saturday, April 11 at Marlins TBD
Sunday, April 12 at Marlins TBD
Monday, April 13 at Mets TBD
Tuesday, April 14 at Mets TBD
Wednesday, April 15 at Mets TBD
Thursday, April 16 at Mets TBD
Friday, April 17 vs Giants 7:20 PM
Saturday, April 18 vs Giants 7:20 PM
Sunday, April 19 vs Giants 1:20 PM
Monday, April 20 Off Day
Tuesday, April 21 vs Diamondbacks 7:20 PM
Wednesday, April 22 vs Diamondbacks 7:20 PM
Thursday, April 23 vs Diamondbacks 12:20 PM
Friday, April 24 vs Mets 7:20 PM
Saturday, April 25 vs Mets 7:20 PM
Sunday, April 26 vs Mets 1:20 PM
Monday, April 27 at Reds TBD
Tuesday, April 28 at Reds TBD
Wednesday, April 29 at Reds TBD
Thursday, April 30 Off Day
Friday, May 1 at Mets TBD
Saturday, May 2 at Mets TBD
Sunday, May 3 at Mets TBD
Monday, May 4 at Phillies TBD
Tuesday, May 5 at Phillies TBD
Wednesday, May 6 at Phillies TBD
Thursday, May 7 Off Day
Friday, May 8 vs Marlins 7:20 PM
Saturday, May 9 vs Marlins 7:20 PM
Sunday, May 10 vs Marlins 1:20 PM
Monday, May 11 Off Day
Tuesday, May 12 vs Red Sox 7:20 PM
Wednesday, May 13 vs Red Sox 7:20 PM
Thursday, May 14 Off Day
Friday, May 15 at Giants TBD
Saturday, May 16 at Giants TBD
Sunday, May 17 at Giants TBD
Monday, May 18 at Cardinals TBD
Tuesday, May 19 at Cardinals TBD
Wednesday, May 20 at Cardinals TBD
Thursday, May 21 at Cardinals TBD
Friday, May 22 vs Mets 7:20 PM
Saturday, May 23 vs Mets 4:10 PM
Sunday, May 24 vs Mets 4:10 PM
Monday, May 25 vs Cardinals 1:20 PM
Tuesday, May 26 vs Cardinals 7:20 PM
Wednesday, May 27 vs Cardinals 7:20 PM
Thursday, May 28 Off Day
Friday, May 29 at Mariners TBD
Saturday, May 30 at Mariners TBD
Sunday, May 31 at Mariners TBD
Monday, June 1 at Dodgers TBD
Tuesday, June 2 at Dodgers TBD
Wednesday, June 3 at Dodgers TBD
Thursday, June 4 Off Day
Friday, June 5 vs Phillies 7:20 PM
Saturday, June 6 vs Phillies 4:10 PM
Sunday, June 7 vs Phillies 1:20 PM
Monday, June 8 Off Day
Tuesday, June 9 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Wednesday, June 10 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Thursday, June 11 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Friday, June 12 vs Dodgers 7:20 PM
Saturday, June 13 vs Dodgers 4:10 PM
Sunday, June 14 vs Dodgers 1:20 PM
Monday, June 15 Off Day
Tuesday, June 16 at Red Sox TBD
Wednesday, June 17 at Red Sox TBD
Thursday, June 18 Off Day
Friday, June 19 at Nationals TBD
Saturday, June 20 at Nationals TBD
Sunday, June 21 at Nationals TBD
Monday, June 22 vs Phillies 7:20 PM
Tuesday, June 23 vs Phillies 7:20 PM
Wednesday, June 24 vs Phillies 7:20 PM
Thursday, June 25 vs Phillies 12:20 PM
Friday, June 26 at Marlins TBD
Saturday, June 27 at Marlins TBD
Sunday, June 28 at Marlins TBD
Monday, June 29 at Rangers TBD
Tuesday, June 30 at Rangers TBD
Wednesday, July 1 at Rangers TBD
Thursday, July 2 Off Day
Friday, July 31 vs Angels 7:20 PM
Saturday, July 4 vs Angels 4:10 PM
Sunday, July 5 vs Angels 1:20 PM
Monday, July 6 vs Pirates 7:20 PM
Tuesday, July 7 vs Pirates 7:20 PM
Wednesday, July 8 vs Pirates 7:20 PM
Thursday, July 9 vs Pirates 12:20 PM
Friday, July 10 vs Cubs 7:20 PM
Saturday, July 11 vs Cubs 4:10 PM
Sunday, July 12 vs Cubs 1:20 PM
Monday, July 13 Off Day
Tuesday, July 14 91st MLB All-Star Game
Wednesday, July 15 Off Day
Thursday, July 16 Off Day
Friday, July 17 at Rockies TBD
Saturday, July 18 at Rockies TBD
Sunday, July 19 at Rockies TBD
Monday, July 20 Off Day
Tuesday, July 21 at Athletics TBD
Wednesday, July 22 at Athletics TBD
Thursday, July 23 Off Day
Friday, July 24 at Nationals TBD
Saturday, July 25 at Nationals TBD
Sunday, July 26 at Nationals TBD
Monday, July 27 vs Reds 7:20 PM
Tuesday, July 28 vs Reds 7:20 PM
Wednesday, July 29 vs Reds 7:20 PM
Thursday, July 30 vs Reds 7:20 PM
Friday, July 31 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Saturday, August 1 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Sunday, August 2 vs Nationals 1:20 PM
Monday, August 3 at Cubs TBD
Tuesday, August 4 at Cubs TBD
Wednesday, August 5 at Cubs TBD
Thursday, August 6 at Cubs TBD
Friday, August 7 at Marlins TBD
Saturday, August 8 at Marlins TBD
Sunday, August 9 at Marlins TBD
Monday, August 10 Off Day
Tuesday, August 11 at Mets TBD
Wednesday, August 12 at Mets TBD
Thursday, August 13 at Mets TBD
Friday, August 14 vs Marlins 7:20 PM
Saturday, August 15 vs Marlins 7:20 PM
Sunday, August 16 vs Marlins 1:20 PM
Monday, August 17 vs Brewers 7:20 PM
Tuesday, August 18 vs Brewers 7:20 PM
Wednesday, August 19 vs Brewers 7:20 PM
Thursday, August 20 Off Day
Friday, August 21 at Phillies TBD
Saturday, August 22 at Phillies TBD
Sunday, August 23 at Phillies TBD
Monday, August 24 Off Day
Tuesday, August 25 vs Athletics 7:20 PM
Wednesday, August 26 vs Athletics 7:20 PM
Thursday, August 27 vs Rockies 7:20 PM
Friday, August 28 vs Rockies 7:20 PM
Saturday, August 29 vs Rockies 7:20 PM
Sunday, August 30 vs Rockies 1:20 PM
Monday, August 31 Off Day
Tuesday, September 1 at Nationals TBD
Wednesday, September 2 at Nationals TBD
Thursday, September 3 at Nationals TBD
Friday, September 4 at Pirates TBD
Saturday, September 5 at Pirates TBD
Sunday, September 6 at Pirates TBD
Monday, September 7 vs Mets 4:10 PM
Tuesday, September 8 vs Mets 7:20 PM
Wednesday, September 9 vs Mets 12:20 PM
Thursday, September 10 Off Day
Friday, September 11 vs Phillies 7:20 PM
Saturday, September 12 vs Phillies 7:20 PM
Sunday, September 13 vs Phillies 1:20 PM
Monday, September 14 Off Day
Tuesday, September 15 at Brewers TBD
Wednesday, September 16 at Brewers TBD
Thursday, September 17 at Brewers TBD
Friday, September 18 at Phillies TBD
Saturday, September 19 at Phillies TBD
Sunday, September 20 at Phillies TBD
Monday, September 21 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Tuesday, September 22 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Wednesday, September 23 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Thursday, September 24 vs Nationals 7:20 PM
Friday, September 25 vs Astros 7:20 PM
Saturday, September 26 vs Astros 7:20 PM
Sunday, September 27 vs Astros 3:20 PM