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Braves vs. Marlins, June 7, 2019: Game Thread & Discussion

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No matter what the records are, it’s always interesting when two division rivals go head to head

Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The Braves will try to shake off an unnecessary mid-week series loss to the Pirates tonight by pulverizing the Miami Marlins. Even if they opt not to pulverize, just a simple victory will do the trick.

If Mike Soroka tosses more than 6 ⅔ innings tonight, he will finally qualify for the ERA title. Granted, he will probably fall back off the list tomorrow (the formula is one inning pitched per team game played), but it’ll be fun in the meantime.

Jose Ureña will be forced to throw actual pitches to Ronald Acuña tonight, which could be interesting given that Acuña seems to be returning to form. Either that, or it might be the first intentional walk to start a game in the history of baseball.

Keep up with the game here tonight - take it upon yourself to fill up the comments section with all of your amazing ideas on this particular game, tomorrow’s game, the game that happens eight days from next Thursday, the Braves in general, the universal DH, and/or whatever you want. Just keep it civil.

Feeling ill-equipped to weigh in? Well, then. Read these first and rush right back.