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For some reason, Camargo bats DH in series finale against Twins

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Yeah, this is a weird one.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The lineups are now out and today’s lineup is especially a doozy as far as the Braves are concerned. I’ll just let you take a look at it before we really start talking about it.

From spots one through five in the lineup, there’s nothing to really talk about. It’s the usual lineup that we’re used to seeing right now. The bottom half is just weird, and the two names that stick out are Ender Inciarte and Johan Camargo. It’s been normal protocol for the Braves to put Ender on the bench whenever the other team is starting a lefty. Yet, there’s Ender — starting in center and batting 9th.

Then there’s Johan Camargo. He’s been having an incredibly rough season at the plate and it’s to the point where Max Fried has been breathing down Camargo’s neck when it comes to wRC+ — Fried’s at 43 and Camargo’s at 51! It’s just a baffling decision to have Camargo batting DH in an interleague game against a divisional leader. Even David O’Brien is perplexed.

Meanwhile, here’s the Twins lineup:

If you think we’re the only ones moaning about the lineup, Twins fans are also complaining but they’re only doing it when it comes to Jake Cave. Cave has been scuffling as it appears that the rest of the bigs is catching up to whatever he was ahead of them on last season. Hopefully this isn’t the day where he comes out of his cave and sees the light of day by having a big day at the plate.