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2019 MLB Draft Preview: Mock Draft

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It’s draft day. Here is one first round mock draft to give you an idea of how the first round might play out.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Arkansas vs Oregon State
Adley Rutschman
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Today is draft day and this is the day we see two new players become Atlanta Braves. Here is my best projection of how the first round of the draft will look.

This was done on draft day and has the most up to date rumors and guesses included. This year is a draft that could really see things get a little crazy - though I’m not willing to bet that the chaos scenarios actually do happen.

  1. Baltimore Orioles: Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State

There is real smoke that Baltimore and Adley isn’t a marriage that will happen. Should they go in another direction, expect Andrew Vaughn and the White Sox get a gift at three.

2. Kansas City Royals: Bobby Witt Jr., SS, Texas HS

This pick is all but locked in- provides the Orioles don’t decide to take Witt over Adley.

3. Chicago White Sox: CJ Abrams, SS, Georgia HS

This is where the fun really starts and the Sox were linked to Brett Baty over the weekend. Should the Sox take Baty, we start to see some chaos. Andrew Vaughn is also a candidate here

4. Miami Marlins: JJ Bleday, OF, Vanderbilt

The Marlins seem to really like Bleday, who is a real fit for them based on both the bat and intangibles.

5. Detroit Tigers: Riley Greene, OF, Florida HS

The Tigers really like Riley Greene, and make the tough decision to pass on Vaughn here.

6. San Diego Padres: Andrew Vaughn, 1B, Cal

Whichever hitter falls to six is very likely to be the Padres pick this year. In this scenario it’s Vaughn.

7. Cincinnati Reds: Nick Lodolo, LHP, TCU

This was a tough call but it feels like the Reds will take Lodolo over Alek Manoah. Should they take Manoah, Lodolo would fall to at least nine.

8. Texas Rangers: Josh Jung, 3B, Texas Tech

The Rangers are also connected to Baty and Kody Hoese, but everything seems to point to Jung right now.

9. Atlanta Braves (for not signing Carter Stewart): Corbin Carroll, OF, Washington HS

The Braves like Carroll a lot and would have a hard time passing him up unless someone from the top seven picks falls to them.

10. San Francisco Giants: Hunter Bishop, OF, Arizona State

The Giants could go in a few directions here, but take the true impact potential bat for a system in real need of one of those.

11. Toronto Blue Jays: Jackson Rutledge, RHP, Texas JUCO

Rutledge seems like the favorite of the Blue Jays, and assuming he gets past the Braves and Giants would likely end up going to Toronto.

12. New York Mets: Alek Manoah, RHP, West Virginia

The Mets love Manoah and would be thrilled to get him in this scenario. Should he not be there, I’d expect Zack Thompson or George Kirby.

13. Minnesota Twins: Shea Langeliers, C, Baylor

This was a tough choice to decide between Langeliers and Keoni Cavaco, but the Twins decide to lock up their catcher of the future.

14. Philadelphia Phillies: Bryson Stott, SS, UNLV

The Phillies grab a sliding prospect and luck into a very promising player at 14.

15. Los Angeles Angels: Keoni Cavaco, 3B, California HS

This is a real possibility for Daniel Espino, but the noise with the Angels seems to be bat at the moment. Either of these two fit the Angels tools profile.

16. Arizona Diamondbacks: Matthew Allan, RHP, Florida HS

The Dbacks would love Carroll, but without him gone seem to really like Allan as a top pitcher in the class.

17. Washington Nationals: Quinn Priester, RHP, Illinois HS

The Nats have their choice of pitching and based on the way Priester is moving up boards in the past few weeks, this seems like the pick.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates: George Kirby, RHP, Elon

I think the Pirates would have taken Priester if he dropped, but are left to pick between Kirby and lefty Zack Thompson as well as some prep arms.

19. St. Louis Cardinals: Logan Davidson, SS, Clemson

The Cardinals seem to like Davidson and this was an easy choice.

20. Seattle Mariners: Kody Hoese, 3B, Tulane

If the board plays out the way it has above, the Mariners would have a hard time passing on Hoese here.

21. Atlanta Braves: Daniel Espino, RHP, Georgia HS

He’s in play for some higher picks but it’s hard to see Espino falling further than here. The Braves would be thrilled to keep such a premium talent in the state of Georgia.

22. Tampa Bay Rays: Zack Thompson, LHP, Kentucky

The Rays grab another arm falling down the draft a bit in Kentucky’s Thompson.

23. Colorado Rockies: Brett Baty, 3B, Texas HS

This is where Baty might land after being really considered at both three and eight. Despite being overaged, the bat is very valuable and would play well here.

24. Cleveland Indians: Brennan Malone, RHP, Florida HS

The Indians grab the last of the top tier of prep arms with Malone falling here.

25. Los Angeles Dodgers: Gunnar Henderson, SS, Alabama HS

He’s in play for a bunch of higher picks but this feels like the floor for Henderson.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks(for not signing Matt McLain): Michael Busch, 1B, North Carolina

The Dbacks need a college player among their four picks, and grab the heir apparent to Paul Goldschmidt here.

27. Chicago Cubs: Kameron Misner, OF, Missouri

The Cubs would have a hard time passing on the toolsy Misner here.

28. Milwaukee Brewers: Seth Johnson, RHP, Campbell

Milwaukee finds a blank slate of a pitcher to develop their own way.

29. Oakland Athletics: Greg Jones, SS, UNC Wilmington

The A’s grab the athletic and toolsy sophomore shortstop from UNC Wilmington with their top pick.

30. New York Yankees: Tyler Callihan, 3B, Florida HS

With Misner gone, the Yankees take the best bat remaining, a guy who reminds me a little of Michael Chavis in Callihan.

31. Los Angeles Dodgers(for not signing JT Ginn): Blake Walston, LHP, North Carolina HS

The Dodgers grab their upside pick here with the high upside, and also high price tag Walston.

32. Houston Astros: JJ Goss, RHP, Texas HS

Houston takes their pick of local prep arms here with Goss over Lewis, Wolf, and teammate Thompson.

Compensation Picks

33. Arizona Diamondbacks (for Patrick Corbin): Will Wilson, SS, NC State

Another college pick for Arizona to save some money and likely complete their right side of the infield.

34. Arizona Diamondbacks (for AJ Pollock): Jack Leiter, RHP, New Jersey HS

Arizona decided to save money to make a run at Jack Leiter, who seems like he’s headed for Vandy unless someone opens their wallet.

Competitive Balance Round A

35. Miami Marlins: Maurice Hampton, OF, Tennessee HS

The Marlins love toolsy young players, and Hampton fits that type very well with his football background.

36. Tampa Bay Rays: Matthew Lugo, SS, Puerto Rico HS

Lugo seems to be rising and is a real candidate to come off the board today. The Rays feel like a candidate to take him.

37. Pittsburgh Pirates (for not signing Gunnar Hoglund): Braden Shewmake, SS, Texas A&M

After taking an arm earlier, the Pirates grab their safe college bat in Shewmake.

38. New York Yankees (from Cincinnati Reds): Jamari Baylor, SS, Virginia HS

The Yankees can’t pass up the upside that Baylor has. He’s rising to the point he could come off the board tonight.

39. Minnesota Twins: Ethan Small, LHP, Mississippi State

Minnesota, who needs pitching, grabs a high floor, big time results lefty who can move quickly.

40. Tampa Bay Rays (from Oakland Athletics): Michael Toglia, OF, UCLA

The Rays have gone college arm and prep shortstop already, and now decide to go with the biggest bat available in Toglia.

41. Texas Rangers (from Milwaukee Brewers): Kendall Williams, RHP, Florida HS

The Rangers saved money before to go overslot later, and use some of that money to grab a projectable right hander from IMG Academy.