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2019 MLB Draft: Braves have sixth largest bonus pool for upcoming draft

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Here is a look at how much each team has to spend in the MLB Draft.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2019 MLB Draft gets underway on Monday, the Atlanta Braves will have the sixth largest bonus pool allotment topping out at just over $11.5 million. The Baltimore Orioles hold the No. 1 pick in the draft but it is the Arizona Diamondbacks that have the largest bonus pool checking in at just over $16 million.

Here is a look at each team’s bonus pool allotment from highest to lowest.

2019 MLB Draft Bonus Pools

Team Amount
Team Amount
Arizona Diamondbacks $16,093,700
Baltimore Orioles $13,821,300
Kansas City Royals $13,108,000
Miami Marlins $13,045,000
Chicago White Sox $11,565,500
Atlanta Braves $11,532,200
Texas Rangers $11,023,100
San Diego Padres $10,758,900
Detroit Tigers $10,402,500
Tampa Bay Rays $10,333,800
Pittsburgh Pirates $9,944,000
Minnesota Twins $9,905,800
Cincinnati Reds $9,528,600
San Francisco Giants $8,714,500
Toronto Blue Jays $8,463,300
New York Mets $8,224,600
Los Angeles Dodgers $8,069,100
Los Angeles Angels $7,608,700
Seattle Mariners $7,559,000
New York Yankees $7,455,300
Colorado Rockies $7,092,300
St. Louis Cardinals $6,903,500
Philadelphia Phillies $6,475,800
Cleveland Indians $6,148,100
Washington Nationals $5,979,600
Chicago Cubs $5,826,900
Oakland Athletics $5,605,900
Houston Astros $5,355,100
Milwaukee Brewers $5,148,200
Boston Red Sox $4,788,100