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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 301: Sitting atop the NL East

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Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

It is mid-August and there is quite a bit to discuss with regard to the Atlanta Braves. With that as the backdrop, the Talking Chop Podcast is back for another show, adding to an already busy stretch on the podcast network.

Talking Chop’s Brad Rowland and Scott Coleman convene for Episode 301 on a Sunday evening and topics for the podcast include the following:

  • Things have changed a lot for the Braves in less than six weeks and that is reflected in the NL East standings
  • The Braves had some roster turnover this week, including the return of Travis d’Arnaud after an extended absence and the decision to move on from Shane Greene
  • Atlanta’s recent results have been quite strong, and that extends to much of this week
  • Austin Riley continues to shine and Dansby Swanson is out of his mind, as evidenced by some pretty striking numbers
  • A defense of Will Smith
  • Looking ahead to the upcoming week — featuring the projected return of Huascar Ynoa — and Atlanta’s playoff position in the middle of August
  • Much, much more

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