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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 298: Trade deadline look-ahead and Touki Toussaint love

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Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves enter the biggest week of their 2021 season as the month of July comes to a close. The team faces the New York Mets for a five-game series beginning on Monday and, quite frankly, the season could hang in the balance based on the results in this small sample.

With that as the backdrop, the Talking Chop Podcast reconvenes for another episode, with TC’s Brad Rowland and Scott Coleman discussing the Braves for more than an hour. Topics for Episode 298 include the following:

  • Ender Inciarte has been designated for assignment and we look back at his tenure with the Braves
  • An update on Atlanta’s injury situation
  • It was a big week for Touki Toussaint and the hearts of Braves Country are warm
  • Atlanta tweaked its lineup construction this week
  • Looking at recent results and Atlanta’s woeful pitching in the clutch
  • Glancing at the trade deadline with hypothetical scenarios, the reality of the situation and other nuances
  • Much, much more

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