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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 312: Joctober continues in a Game 3 win

Division Series - Milwaukee Brewers v Atlanta Braves - Game Three Photo by Michael Zarrilli/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves lead the National League Division Series by a 2-1 margin following a home victory in Game 3 against the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday afternoon. With Atlanta now in the driver’s seat with two chances to win a single game to advance to the NLCS, the Talking Chop Podcast returns for Episode 312 to survey the landscape.

TC’s Brad Rowland breaks down the following topics:

  • Ian Anderson avoided disaster in the first inning — which isn’t always a given — and was fantastic for the Braves
  • Atlanta’s starting pitching has been unbelievable in the series
  • The Adam Duvall base-running blunder didn’t bite Atlanta, but it was hideous
  • The fifth inning of Game 3 swung the game in favor of the Braves, with the Brewers wasting an opportunity and Joc Pederson continuing his series-long brilliance
  • Atlanta’s bullpen took up the mantle from Anderson and took things over the finish line
  • Looking ahead to Game 4, including pitching options, projections and the situation overall
  • Much, much more

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