Hi to all , im just curious if im in the majority or minority when i say im glad there will be no DH in the national league

Braves reliever Peter Moylan wants to thrive


I’m just so pumped by the fact that I’m still here, that I’ve been given an opportunity again, and I feel like I’ve been throwing the ball as well as I have since probably 2011.

Peter Moylan to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Heyward still denouncing Braves front office


Heyward also offered some interesting words on his past talks with the Braves and why they never proved fruitful, in his view. "For me, I’m from Georgia [and] I grew up playing baseball in that state," said Heyward. "I grew up watching the great teams of the 1990s and got to play for a Hall of Fame manager [Bobby Cox] who helped build that organization. For me, I was never opposed to [staying]. There wasn’t a lot of time put in on their part, I feel like, getting to know me as a person and getting to know my mindset on it."

Shelby Miller comments on trade to Braves


"One thing I remember going to that field every time we go there – Turner – you look up at the numbers on the board, and I can’t remember the years, but, I mean, they were in the playoffs for a ridiculous number of years in a row with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and [John] Smoltz. I feel like we have the same opportunity to do that with the team they have now. They’ve obviously got a great offensive lineup that’s tough, a lot of tough outs throughout. The starting pitching is phenomenal. And I can’t wait to pitch with those guys and, like I said, get over there, meet my new teammates. [I’m] excited for the opportunity and looking forward to it."

Shelby Miller talks trade to Atlanta with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden

Crasnick on Wren's Departure


The Braves also suffered a major body blow in February when Jim Fregosi, a charismatic presence and in many ways the glue of the front office hierarchy, died from complications after suffering multiple strokes. It left a bigger void in the Braves' leadership team than anyone can imagine.

I was reading Jerry Crasnick's piece on Wren ( and found this quote surprising. I hadn't heard of Fregosi being such a big part of the leadership before.

Wainwright really is making the Braves look bad


Wainwright was ours and we gave him away. He is the piece we were missing this year. On top, he grew up a die hard Braves fan and dreamed of playing for the Braves. Such a shame

VB Brave

Ayala to rehab


Luis Ayala has been cleared to begin a minor league rehab assignment with Triple-A Gwinnett.Ayala has been on the disabled list since late April due to high blood pressure brought on by anxiety. He's going to take it slowly in the minor leagues but could become a relief option for the Braves by the end of this month.

Jun 20 - 12:04 PMSource: David O'Brien on Twitter

Tanner Murphy


1.68-1.82 times behind the plate with an 78-80 throw to second. Also he has ROBUST power to all fields...What are the odds we sign this kid??

Gattis reveals more of his past


'All I could think about was killing myself'

USA Today newspaper

Chipper Suggests Brian McCann Should Consider a "Change of Scenery"


"unfortunately, I think - maybe - Brian may have priced himself - you know - out of Atlanta at the end of the year...I really think (and I don't often say this) but I change a change of scenery for him might, might not be a bad thing. I think that, uh, um you know, uh a move to the American League where he can sometimes DH when he doesn't have to catch, um is gonna take some pressure off his knees, his shoulders, and aching body."

Radio Interview, Monday Feb 25, 9:20-25 ET on XM's MLB Channel with Mike Ferrin/Jim Duquette.