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Here is a complete list of the Braves minor leaguers that are now free agents

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It isn’t only Braves’ major league talent that has hit free agency. Here is a look at the minor leaguers who are now free agents.

Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

With the end of the baseball season comes a time when players hit the free agent market and potentially find homes with new organizations. Obviously for Atlanta Braves fans, the focus is largely on major league players and, more specifically, what the future holds for Freddie Freeman.

As a result, you would be excused if you didn’t realize that an entire slew of Braves minor leaguers just became available to join new organizations. Some have been with the Braves since they became professionals and their team control ran its course while others were on one year minor league deals and were not with the Braves for very long at all.

Now that we are officially in the offseason, the fine folks at Baseball America put together a list of all of the minor league free agents sorted by team. This is a fantastic resource.

If you want to go through all of the minor league free agents and see who the Braves should target as reclamation/utility pieces, feel free. There are a lot of names that could be interesting.

However, for our purposes, here is a list of the Braves’ minor leaguers that are now free to leave the organization.

RHP Victor Arano

RHP Chasen Bradford

RHP Jay Flaa

RHP Josh Graham

RHP Kurt Hoekstra

RHP Trevor Kelley

RHP Sean McLaughlin

RHP Luis Mora

RHP Emmanuel Ramirez

RHP Jose Rodriguez

RHP Matt Withrow

IF Ryan Casteel

OF Phillip Ervin

SS Joseph Fernando

3B Maikel Franco

3B Ryan Goins

OF Terrance Gore

SS Kevin Josephina

C Carlos Martinez

C Jeff Mathis

OF Shean Michel

2B Jalen Miller

C Jonathan Morales

2B Wendell Rijo

C Ricardo Rodriguez

3B Yolmer Sanchez

SS Riley Unroe

C Stephen Vogt

While it is far from unusual to see a bunch of minor league free agents from an organization, it is worth noting that the Braves are certainly at the higher end in terms of pure numbers this season. Its unclear as to what that is due to, but we imagine some combination of a number of guys from the 2015 and 2016 drafts still being around and finally running out of time, the contraction of minor league affiliates, and an organization that wants to continue to retool its player development is the easiest explanation.

Veteran guys on deals like Stephen Vogt, Jeff Mathis, Terrance Gore, Maikel Franco, and Victor Arano moving on was inevitable, but it is sad to see some of the long-term Braves minor leaguers seemingly moving on. Guys like Matt Withrow, Josh Graham, Kevin Josephina, Kurt Hoekstra, Sean McLaughlin, and Jonathan Morales have been with the organization for a long time. It is entirely possible that the Braves could bring some of them back, but whatever their future holds...we wish them nothing but the best.