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MLB Standings: Braves increase NL East lead to 4.5 games

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Braves capture another series win over the Marlins.

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves secured a 5-3 win over the Miami Marlins Sunday afternoon at Truist Park and improved to 4-2 on their current nine-game homestand. The win pushed their lead in the NL East standings to 4.5 games over the Philadelphia Phillies who dropped three of four at home to the Rockies. Atlanta will finish their homestand out with three-games against Colorado which will get underway Tuesday.

National League East

Braves 76-66 (.535), —
Phillies 72-71 (.503), 4.5 GB
Mets 71-72 (.497), 5.5 GB* (Pending Sunday’s outcome)

Atlanta’s win Sunday along with Philadelphia’s loss reduced their magic number to clinch the NL East to 16. The Mets will wrap up a three-game series against the Yankees tonight on Sunday Night Baseball.

The Phillies are reeling a bit and will wrap up their homestand with a three game series against the Cubs which gets underway Tuesday. After that they wrap up the week in New York against the Mets. After New York wraps up their series tonight against the Yankees, they will host the Cardinals for three.

Playoff Odds

FanGraphs latest playoff odds have the Braves chances of winning the NL East at 85.7%. The Phillies odds are down to 11.9% while the Mets, pending the outcome of tonight’s game, are barely hanging on at 2.4%.

Win Division
Braves: 85.7%
Phillies: 11.9%
Mets: 2.4%* (Pending the outcome of Sunday’s game)

Make Playoffs
Braves: 88.2%
Phillies: 19.5%
Mets: 4.1%*

NL Wild Card

Dodgers 91-53 (.632), —
Reds 75-69 (.521), —
Padres 74-68 (.521) —
Cardinals 73-69 (.514), 1.0 GB
Phillies 72-71 (.503) 2.5, GB
Mets 71-72 (.497), 3.5 GB

The NL Wild Card picture has tightened considerably. The Dodgers are in with the Reds and the Padres in a virtual tie for the final spot. Interesting enough, the Cardinals are lurking and are just one game behind Cincinnati and San Diego. As tight as things are, it looks like this race could go down to the final week.