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Braves place four prospects in MLB Pipeline’s latest Top 100 prospect list

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Braves have four players inside the top 100 as Pipeline put out an updated top prospects list in addition to updated team lists.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Callis and the rest of the team over at MLB Pipeline released their updated top 100 prospect list and the Atlanta Braves are up to four players inside the top 100 including a relatively new face.

Cristian Pache now sits firmly at number 40, and his fielding grade is considered the top in minor league baseball and sitting firmly at an 80. Coming in behind him is Shea Langeliers who now sits at 75, while Drew Waters comes in at 86, and Michael Harris joins the top 100 right at 98.

Pipeline also announced an update to teams’ top 30 and the biggest change is first round pick Ryan Cusick announcing himself to everyone by slotting in at number six overall. Cusick is given four average to above average pitches with his fastball, which has hit 102, grading out highest at a 70.

Spencer Schwellenbach, the Braves second round pick, comes in at 15 while Cal Conley surprisingly is ranked right at 16 in the organization. AJ Smith-Shawver, and Dylan Dodd, also both draft picks from this year, are ranked 18th and 19th respectively. International signee Ambioris Tavarez makes his presence known by jumping into the fray at 26th, and Luke Waddell at 29. All things considered, that’s 7 new additions to the Braves top 30 so safe to say either the organization was becoming barren of higher talent, or the Braves drafted really well - which is what I would have to agree with.