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Braves trade for Jorge Soler right at the trade deadline

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While it doesn’t look like the Braves’ bolstered their bullpen at the trade deadline, they certainly got some help in the outfield.

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

While the trade deadline was a very, very busy one across the league for the most part, the Atlanta took a largely measured approach. In addition to reuniting with Adam Duvall in a move with the Marlins, the Braves also seemingly got a guy to platoon with him as they acquired Eddie Rosario in a deal with the Twins.

After those moves, we saw a lot of the big names either being sent elsewhere or staying put (seriously, what are the Rockies doing?) without so much as a whisper about the Braves. The bullpen market was even quiet which was strange given the Braves’ need there. However, as deals were getting caught up after the deadline ended...a Braves trade emerged.

Lets go ahead and get this out of the way: Jorge Soler has not been good this season. In 360 plate appearances, he has been good for -1.2 rWAR with 13 home runs and a .192/.288/.370 slash line. However, there is real upside with Soler and the power output has been significantly better of late. For the price of a high-A relief-only prospect, this is a pretty easy flyer to take.

As for Kalich, he is a very legitimate relief prospect who had been pitching well for high-A Rome after recovering from pretty significant wrist surgery. In 20 appearances for Rome, he has posted a 3.26 ERA with 35 strikeouts against 17 walks in 30.1 innings. I actually interviewed Kasey this spring, so if you want to learn can just click right here.