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Braves outright Jonathan Lucroy, lose Ty Tice to waiver claim from Arizona

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The Braves continue to try to manage their 40 man roster in the wake of recent moves.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

While none of the moves the Braves have been making of late have been earth-shattering, they are at least doing stuff. They acquired Joc Pederson from the Cubs for Bryce Ball in a move to help bolster their ailing/not great outfield and then they traded for Stephen Vogt to help out at catcher.

With those moves and the recent activation of Alex Jackson from the 60-day IL, it seemed like some roster moves were coming and as it turns out...that is exactly what happened.

The writing was on the wall for Jonathan Lucroy as he couldn’t even hold on to a back-up catcher spot for the Braves. Once he lost that spot to Vogt, it was only a question of whether or not he might move on or head back down to Gwinnett. It does not appear there were any takers for his services, so back down to Gwinnett he goes.

As for Ty Tice, he was a bullpen piece that the Braves tried out very briefly after acquiring him earlier this year and it looks like his services had more interest league-wide as he has another new team this year in the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are having a truly horrific season down there, but hopefully he can find regular playing time for the DBacks at least.