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Abraham Almonte returns to lineup for first game of Braves series against Padres

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He’s no longer hitting leadoff, so there’s that!

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

No Both the Braves and the Padres have put out their lineups for tonight’s game, so let’s jump right into how both teams will be looking later on this evening.

Here’s the lineup for the Braves:

Abraham Almonte is back in the lineup at left field and batting seventh. Other than the pitcher, he’s the only new face in the lineup when compared to the lineup that the Braves put out for their series finale on Sunday. Stephen Vogt remains in the lineup after making his Braves debut yesterday. Still “interesting” that Dansby Swanson is batting second but hey, we’re not the ones making decisions around here!

Meanwhile, here’s the look for the Padres:

Wil Myers is entering the lineup today after spending Sunday’s game in Washington on the bench. They have also switched things up with Tommy Pham serving as the leadoff hitter. Other than that, the heart of the order is similar to what San Diego had going yesterday. Hopefully they’ve cooled off a bit as they get off the plane!