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Baseball America has Braves taking Ryan Cusick in latest mock draft

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The 2021 draft is creeping up on us and that means it is mock draft szn.

HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL: AUG 04 East Coast Pro Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just to be clear, with the Braves pick 24th overall in the 2021 MLB Draft, mock drafts are not going to be particularly accurate when it comes to them. There are just too many moving pieces ahead of them to realistically project who is even going to be available when they pick, let alone who they will pick.

That said, what mocks CAN do is give us some ballpark estimates regarding who may be available as well as glean insights into what sorts of players the team may be targeting. Again, not a perfect science because misdirection is a real thing and a lot of teams are looking at a lot of players, but you get the idea.

In Baseball America’s latest mock, they have the Braves again taking a pitcher out of Wake Forest.

I don’t want to see any bellyaching in the comments about BA being a subscription service and I definitely don’t want to see any purposeful circumventing of their paywall there, either. BA does good work and you should support them. This writeup should suffice for those of you that just want bare bones information anyways.

After taking Jared Shuster in the first round last year, BA’s Carlos Collazo (great friend and alumni of Talking Chop btw) has the Braves taking RHP Ryan Cusick out of Wake Forest whose calling card is a fastball that regularly hits the upper 90’s. It sounds like prep outfielder Josh Baez is also on their radar, but for now Cusick is who Carlos has landing with the Braves in the first round.