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Off day open thread

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The Braves are at .500... again

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Welcome to an off-day with a limited MLB slate, that got even more limited when the Rockies-Padres game at Coors was postponed due to inclement weather.

If you are inclined to watching games rather than using the beauty that is Game Changer (or Stream Finder, as they’re calling it now), two with some pertinence to the Braves get started after 9:30 pm ET. The Marlins kick off a series in Arizona tonight, with Luke Weaver facing Jordan Holloway, who will be making his first career start. Holloway has been nearly untouchable in the early going, with 10 very good innings across five outings, and is being pressed into starting service despite never pitching above High-A in the minors.

At roughly the same time, the very surprising Giants will be playing host to the Rangers. At 20-14, the Giants have the fourth-best record in the majors and lead the NL West. Their great start has made the NL playoff picture uncomfortably complicated for the Braves at present, given that if things keep up, the Giants may bank enough wins to make it annoyingly difficult to catch up to whoever comes in third in the NL West. Former Brave Alex Wood will be pitching for the Giants; Wood has been nothing short of tremendous in four starts so far with a 51 ERA-, 79 FIP-, and 69 xFIP-. He’ll be opposed by Kyle Gibson, who was real bad after signing a sizable deal with the Rangers in 2020, but has been money this year: 58 ERA-, 77 FIP-, albeit with a 96 xFIP- in seven starts so far. He’s been even more dominant (32/73/92) if you toss out his first start of the year, where he only managed to get a single out before being forced out of the game by five runs.