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Braves lineup returns to original configuration for rematch with Wheeler

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It’s the usual

MLB: Game One-Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

In 2018, the Braves played 162 games and their most commonly-used lineup happened just 10 times. One year later, there was a bit more stability, with one lineup seeing play 21 times, and another 11. During the pandemic-shortened 2020, everything went to hell, as the Braves used 51 batting orders in 60 games, and the most they used any particular order was five times.

Well, 2021 is not looking much like 2020 in this regard, as the Braves’ lineup for the home opener is the same one they rolled out (and lost with) four times already:

We’ll hope for better results this time around.

The sedentary nature of lineups in the early going is also applicable to Joe Girardi and the Phillies. Their lineup is the same as they ran out on Opening Day, as well as two other games since. It’s the same lineup that backed Wheeler when he dominated the Braves last Saturday, excepting that Roman Quinn started in place of Adam Haseley in that one due to the latter’s tweaked hamstring.

By the way, check out these completely useless but maybe-fun batter vs. starter results. (Remember that xwOBA only goes back to .2015, so the wOBA and xwOBA aren’t exactly capturing the same PAs.)

Braves v. Wheeler
Phillies v. Morton
Phillies v. Morton

Haseley isn’t in that last graphic because he’s never faced Morton before.