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Postponement open thread

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Let’s catch up on other baseball stuff

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

A quick roundup of events for this open thread...

The Braves will kick off their series in Washington tomorrow (instead of today). Wednesday will have two doubleheaders starting around 12:30 ET. Seven-inning double-headers are stupid, albeit not as stupid as the man-on-second extra innings rule.

The Twins and Tigers just wrapped up a game where Nelson Cruz went ham (two homers, one a grand slam)... which also featured a grand slam by the opposing team. Twins won big, though, teeing off on one-time Braves nemesis Jose Urena.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays teed off a bit on old amigo Mike Foltynewicz earlier this afternoon, popping him for back-to-back homers and four runs total. Foltynewicz was throwing his fastball around 94 mph, but perhaps more concerning, he was getting hit hard on over-using a sinker early before moving away from it towards the end of his outing.

Elsewhere on the docket, things to watch include the Mets finally getting their season started as they visit the Phillies, the Astros taking their 4-0 record to Anaheim after the Angels walked off the White Sox last night, and the Athletics desperately trying to get their first win in five tries... against the Dodgers, of all teams.