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Atlanta Braves rank 11th on Forbes list of most valuable franchises

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MLB: JUL 07 Braves Summer Camp Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2020 season was a disaster for Major League Baseball where the league lost a reported $1.8 billion due to the absence of fans and a shortened 60-game season. That setback though hasn’t hurt the value of teams which increased across the board to an all-time high average of $1.9 million according to Forbes’ yearly report.

The Atlanta Braves’ valuation increased four percent to $1.875 billion despite losing a reported $67 million in 2020. Forbes also notes that the Braves have the largest radio affiliate network in MLB.

The New York Yankees top the list at $5.25 billion and are followed by the Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs and Giants to round out the Top 5. Interestingly, Atlanta is the fourth most valuable franchise in the NL East finishing ahead of only the Marlins who are dead last on the overall list with a $990 million valuation. The Mets come in at No. 6 while the Phillies (8) and Nationals (10) are all in the Top 10.