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Monday night open thread

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Celebrate Bryse Wilson’s bizarre achievement

Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Bryse Wilson somehow went four innings without a walk or a strikeout today. I know it’s Spring Training, but even so, that’s wild. I wonder what the last time there were four consecutive innings where a batting team didn’t get a walk or a strikeout?

The Braves also pitched nine innings without surrendering a walk, something that isn’t that rare (14 times in 2019, three times in 2020), but seems kind of bizarre in Spring Training, where the ledger isn’t full of your best pitchers and none of them are necessarily trying to get outs.

I was hoping the Braves would end the afternoon with more (offensive) walks than strikeouts, but alas. We’ll have to settle for the Manfred-pleasing-ness of their pitching line.