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Brian Snitker on lineup changes, bullpen games ahead of Game 6

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Ozzie Albies is hitting seventh for the Braves Tuesday.

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Three Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One win away from their first World Championship in over 20 years, the Atlanta Braves will shake up their lineup ahead of Game 6 dropping Ozzie Albies from the third spot in the order to seventh. Brian Snitker was asked about the change and said that they just wanted to change the look.

“I talked to him yesterday before we left, just change the look a little bit, which we’ve done in the past,” Snitker said of the decision to drop Albies.

Albies is just 3-for-18 in the series and is hitting .233/.292/.283 in the postseason overall. Jorge Soler will DH and move up to the second spot in the order behind Eddie Rosario. Freddie Freeman slides back to the third spot. Snitker said he wanted to balance out the lineup a bit and to sandwich a right-hander between Rosario and Freeman.

“I kind of want Soler to split the lefties, if nothing else,” Snitker said of dropping Freeman to third. “I don’t think it matters to Freddie whether he hits 2 or 3. He’s going to get up in the first inning regardless. I think Jorge has been having some really good at-bats and just kind of balance things out a little bit.”

Max Fried will get the start for the Braves in Game 6 and will be the first time since Game 3 that they have went with a traditional starter after two straight bullpen games. Snikter was asked about the decision to go with a bullpen game over a guy like Drew Smyly who spent most of the season as the team’s fourth starter.

“It’s an organizational discussion amongst everybody,” Snitker said. “We chose to go with Tucker. He’d been throwing really well in Triple-A, and Drew hadn’t started a game in a long time and ended up throwing some big innings for us.”

Smyly threw the final three innings of Game 5 which allowed Snitker to rest some of his key relievers. Snitker also pointed out that they didn’t necessarily want to go with a bullpen game and were forced into it as a result of the injury to Charlie Morton.

“We didn’t choose to do that. We had to do it,” Snitker said. “I think, when we’ve had to, we’ve had to do it. It’s not something that we plan for. It was just with Charlie getting hurt, it was just something we couldn’t avoid.”

“I think any time that we’ve done it, it’s been out of necessity more than wanting to do it”

Morton underwent surgery last week to repair the fractured fibula that he suffered in Game 1. He rejoined his teammates in Atlanta but isn’t with the team in Houston.

“At home. He’s not allowed to fly,” Snitker said when asked if he had seen Morton. “I hate it for Charlie that he couldn’t come, but he physically wasn’t able to come with us, but he’s back in Atlanta.”

Snitker added that it was good seeing him and having him back in the clubhouse.

“It was good. We were glad that he could be there and be around the guys,” he added. “I hate it for him that he couldn’t join us here now.”