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Braves News: Ronald Acuna Jr. Health Update, Chipper Responds to Boras

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As a current franchise cornerstone continues his path back to full health, a former franchise cornerstone shares his thoughts on Scott Boras.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

While this offseason feels different than any other for a few reasons (Freddie Freeman, labor disputes, the ATLANTA BRAVES ARE 2021 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS), one familiar offseason theme did not take long to emerge in the form of Scott Boras making headlines. Yes, Scott Boras, the savant of senseless speeches every November, expressed his disapproval of how the Braves won their 2021 World Series. Obviously, many have opposed Boras’s perspective. Yet, perhaps one of the more influential opinions on the matter expressed his thoughts on Sunday.

Chipper decided to go with a very direct and emphatic approach when it came to his feelings toward Boras. A few days ago, Boras attempted to clarify his statements as to not take anything away from the Braves success. In the end, Boras’s thoughts are simply his opinion. I would imagine in the minds of many, the Braves postseason run will be remembered as one of the best in recent history for many years to come.

Braves News

  • While many have known for a while that Ronald Acuna Jr. is progressing very well in his rebab, nothing beats actual footage of him getting back to baseball activities.
  • The AFL All-Star game occurred yesterday, though Victor Vodkik of the Braves did not get a chance to enter the game.
  • Talking Chop’s player review series continues on, with a special recap of long-time minor league player and recent retiree Sean Kazmar Jr.