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Ian Anderson, Cristian Pache crack Top 10 of Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List

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The Braves’ farm system is still quite good.

MLB: NLCS-Los Angeles Dodgers at Atlanta Braves Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves have had a ton of youth graduate to the major leagues in recent years. From potential franchise cornerstones like Ronald Acuna Jr, Mike Soroka, and Ozzie Albies to important roster cogs like Dansby Swanson and AJ Minter to folks that, well, didn’t work out, the Braves’ minor leagues has cranked out a lot of major leaguers.

As a result, it would be easy to assume that with the lower draft picks as well as the international sanctions combined with those graduations, that the Braves’ farm system was bereft of talent. However, while its depth is not anywhere near what it once was, particularly in the lower minors, there is still QUITE a bit of talent in the minor leagues as Baseball America’s most recent Top 100 list shows.

Going to go ahead and head off the ‘its behind a paywall, I can’t read the link’. One, we are going to respect BA’s paywall because we love those please do the same in the comments. I don’t want to ban people today. Two, a monthly subscription to Baseball America is the best bang for your buck that you can get with prospect coverage. If you can afford a subscription, you should absolutely support them.

The Braves have three prospects in BA’s top 100 and all three of them are in BA’s top 32 with Cristian Pache (7), Ian Anderson (8), and Drew Waters (32). BA has Pache and Ian swapped from where we had them on our list, but again, the difference between the two guys is very much a personal preference sort of thing.

Its unclear as of this moment who amongst Braves prospects were close to making BA’s top 100, but it is worth mentioning that any prospect rankings this year should be taken with a certain grain of salt. With a lack of public information and, you know, an actual minor league season in 2020, we are all flying a little blinder than usual. Guys like William Contreras, Kyle Muller, Shea Langeliers, and others could easily get some ranking love with a strong start to 2021, although BA’s specific preferences are for them to share.