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Braves stick with similar lineup for Saturday game vs. Nationals

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It’s just nice having Ronald Acuña Jr. back.

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves - Game One Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Today, one team waited a bit to announce their lineup while another team was timely about releasing their card. The Braves didn’t wait all that long, so there was an awkward period where people were waiting to see what the Nats would look like today. As it turns out, they had pretty good reason for waiting. Anyways, we finally got to see the lineups for both teams.

Here’s Atlanta’s lineup:

Yeah, that’s just about what you’d expect to see from the lineup right now. It’s a pretty typical Braves lineup with who you’d expect to see in the lineup when healthy.

Meanwhile, here’s how Washington will look:

Carter Kieboom is the new face, as he’s been recalled from their alternate site and he’s going to serve as their primary third baseman going forward. Other than the return of one of their prospects, the lineup isn’t hugely shocking or anything like that.