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Braves recall Chad Sobotka, option Huascar Ynoa to alternate site

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The Braves got a fresh arm for their bullpen today after some interesting bullpen decisions last night.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Atlanta Braves Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The big topic of conversation yesterday was how manager Brian Snitker managed the team’s bullpen during the the Braves’ doubleheader against the Nationals. Why did Snitker feel compelled to warm up and use AJ Minter in a game that the Braves had comfortably in hand? Why did he use Patrick Weigel for his major league debut in a close game late when he could have been used earlier or even in game one? Why the hell was Charlie Culberson, a position player, pitching in a three run game when there were relievers available and the team was coming off an off day? These are all questions for a different article.

The fact remained that with the loss of 29th man Weigel and an apparent need for bullpen reinforcements, the team made a familiar roster move.

Sobotka has firmly entrenched himself as the guy the Braves call up when they need to switch out for a fresh bullpen arm and then, usually, getting sent right back down when a guy is fresh again or someone comes off the injured list. With Ynoa throwing multiple innings yesterday and those innings being....less than good, this was a natural move to make even if many fans wish they could see a fresh faces. In three appearances this season with the big league club, Sobotka has given up no runs with a pair of walks and a hit...although his track record is a bit scarier than that which explains why he hasn’t been able to cement a role in the Braves bullpen which finds itself as one the team’s strengths.