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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 246: Recapping a marathon Game 1 win

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National League Wild Card Game 1: Cincinnati Reds v. Atlanta Braves Photo by Adam Hagy/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves needed 13 innings on Wednesday afternoon, but the team prevailed with a 1-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds in Game 1 of the Wild Card round. Shortly after the game came to an end, the Talking Chop Podcast convened to break it all down.

Episode 246 features a conversation with Brad Rowland and Eric Cole, with the following topics on the docket:

  • The Braves certainly didn’t hit well in the opener, but they pitched out of their minds
  • It was a good day for manager Brian Snitker
  • Freddie Freeman came through in a situation the Braves have struggled in during the 2020 season
  • Discussing the roster decisions for this series and the process behind them
  • Much, much more

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