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Albies stays sixth for Mets finale

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Let’s see if the Braves can put another hurting on Porcello

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Here is how the Braves line up for the series finale with the Mets. It’s basically what you’d expect at this point:

The only “note” is that Dansby Swanson has dropped down to eighth, as the Braves continue to shuffle the bottom of their order. This will be the first time Swanson has hit eighth and Austin Riley has hit ninth in 2020.

The Mets, meanwhile, look like this behind Rick Porcello:

This is sort of their standard lineup of late, though given that every team moves their guys around these days, it’s only the third time this season they’ll be using it. Still, as weird as it sounds, the Mets have the best wRC+ in baseball coming into this game (124; the Braves are second at 121), so it’ll definitely be a test for Kyle Wright.

Stay tuned for a game that promises offensive fireworks and therefore might end up a 2-1 squeaker, in true baseball fashion — today at 1:10 pm EDT.