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Nick Markakis starts for Braves, Pete Alonso out of Mets Lineup

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The Braves hope their offense will play to its full potential in the Big Apple.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As the Braves begin a three game series with the Mets this weekend, a lineup that is becoming more and more familiar is once again ready to produce tonight. The early results of this lineup have been awesome, and the hope is that will continue as the Braves start to get prepared for the postseason.

Obviously, Freddie Freeman has been great out of the second spot in the lineup. However, another advantageous characteristic is that if one or two hitters were to cool off for a few games, the hope is that a few more will heat up. Travis d’Arnaud has started to get his bat hot again, while Austin Riley continues to stay steady with a productive approach. If Nick Markakis can find his consistency once again, this lineup could be among the best in the playoffs.

Obviously, the most noticeable aspect of this Mets lineup is who is not in it rather than who is. Though a .754 OPS is not dreadful, the Mets have decided that Pete Alonso is better as a reserve than starter for the second straight game. A breakout season from Dominic Smith (1.054 OPS) and defensive strategy simply make it hard for the Mets to rely on Alonso at the moment. If they were to make the playoffs, Alonso will likely be back in the starting lineup. However, at this time, last year’s NL Rookie of the Year has had a harder time than anyone expected continuing to make the impact in 2020 that he did in 2019.