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Braves vs. Red Sox, September 1st: Game Thread & Discussion

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Join us as we discuss the second game of the series between the Red Sox and Braves.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Game Preview

Lineups Post

Tonight, The Braves will take on the Boston Red Sox in the second game of their series. Most eyes are going to be on Ian Anderson who is making his second career start against the team that he rooted for growing up in upstate New York. Not only will it be interesting to see how Ian does in the big lights in Fenway, but it will be another test to see if the young right-hander can be the consistent force in the rotation that the Braves desperately need given the state of their rotation right now.

As for the offense, there is a lot to like right now. Austin Riley, Nick Markakis, and Freddie Freeman have all looked great in recent weeks. Dansby Swanson has, other than for a short swoon for a week or so at the beginning of August, has looked great all year and seems to be a prime extension candidate.

The sum total of all of that is that the Braves find themselves in first place with a three game lead going into the night’s festivities, so join us to see if the Braves can continue to put some distance between themselves and their competitors in the division...or at the very least keep them at arm’s reach. Make sure you behave yourselves in the comments section and lets do this thing.