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Braves Player Pool Profiles: Pete Kozma

Not every signing is flashy.

Atlanta Braves Photo Day Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In the lead-up to the 2020 season that we are crossing our fingers and toes will actually happen, we are previewing the prospects and lesser known names in the Braves’ player pool. We had already covered the big name guys in our roster previews months ago, so don’t expect to see write-ups on Albies or Soroka in this space. This series is more about getting to know the prospects and other names that could see time in the big leagues as members of the player pool, but aren’t locks for it.

Speaking of not being a lock, Pete Kozma’s chances to make the major league roster appear, at least for the moment, to be pretty slim. Primarily a defensive minded player who can play short, Kozma played for several years within the Cardinals organization before bouncing the Yankees, Rangers, and Tigers orgs before landing with the Braves this past offseason on a minor league deal. With a career line in the majors of .215/.278/.291 in 241 games, we know what to expect from Kozma at the plate and the answer is...well, not much. Kozma was strictly a depth signing when it happened and while that depth seemingly has more value now than it did just six months ago, Kozma’s odds are long to get back to the majors at the moment.

One other thing that is not working in Kozma’s favor is that once camp resumed in July, he was one of four players that tested positive for COVID-19 and, as far as we are aware, he hasn’t been cleared to practice again. When you are already in a tough position for a spot given the strength of the players that the Braves have in the infield, missing time in camp isn’t great. Unfortunately for the 32 year old Kozma, that is the situation he finds himself in.