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Minor League Baseball is officially cancelled for the 2020 season

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Farewell for now, Minor League Baseball

MLB Prospects Train in Arizona During COVID-19 Season Postponement Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Despite longing for the days when we were arguing about the negotiations between MiLB and MLB regarding contraction of the minor leagues, the elephant in the room every since the COVID-19 pandemic started is that while the future of major league baseball in 2020 was possible if tricky, the fate of minor league baseball has been bleak from the start.

With teams wanting to limit exposure of its players and staff combined with liability concerns and the financial troubles of running minor league teams without fans in attendance (it was already dicey with fans in attendance), it had been assumed for a while that minor league baseball wasn’t going to happen.

We got the news today.

There are a lot of particulars to get sorted out right now including how will minor league players not on teams’ 60 man rosters be treated/paid/worked out and what the impacts will on minor league rosters going forward. We are certain that answers to those questions and more will be explored in the coming days.

However, I want to take this time to send our well wishes to the staffs of the Braves’ minor league affiliates. It takes a lot of people, not just coaches and players, to make minor league affiliates run. All of the gameday staff including communications personnel, maintenance crews, grounds crews, play-by-play staff, broadcast crews, etc. etc. are all going to be gutted by this decision. I am currently unaware of how the Braves are going to care for these people if at all, but rest assured that I will be asking around and if there are any GoFundMe/other crowdsourcing types of things happening for them, we will do our best to make sure to spread the word and help where we can.